New arrival from Ukrania!!!

Very nice Futura S in EX++ condition

No lens, working perfect. Version black logo.

Arrived today, fantastic set of Camera Futura C with 4 lenses, viewfinders, macro rings, reproduction statf and documentation in Swedish, a plus. Big hours of work to study all this, See you soon for the results

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02.02 | 23:12

Thank you very much for you help in my data base. I remember the 11466 with Elor 11381? but I have not pictures about.
I have 7 Efka 24 in my collection , with some little variant. Best regards

02.02 | 23:08

Interesting Ampligon, second serie , transition between Ampligon and Futura Ampligon.
The Tele-Elor T5026 represent the nº 26 about the production ( 1400..)

01.02 | 02:28

Hola, I have 70 mm Frilon 1.5 sn 50052 !
It is converted to Leica M.

Tambien tengo una 50 f1.5 convertida en M bayonet :

Best, JM

31.01 | 18:53

More numbers : Efka 24 Nr 10780 with Elor Nr 11189. P.S. my Evar Nr 72726 is of course a 2,0 lens and my Efka 24 Nr 11446 has an addition on the top next to the viewfinder(flash-synchro. ? ) Regards

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